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May 10 13:03

No Ed Is A Good Ed

When times get hard and pressure builds one of the most difficult things for a person to do can be just keeping your head straight. Pressure can do strange things to people causing folks to get raw and overly sensitive about so many things. In such situations just being clear and seeing exactly what is in front of you can be the most important thing to do. Just staying calm, centered and focused on the task at hand, is often all that's necessary. 

May 05 13:05

Οι Γάμοι του Καραγκιόζη

Ένας νέος θίασος σας υπόσχεται αξέχαστες στιγμές διασκέδασης.

Το νεοσύστατο "διζωνικό κουαρτέττο" σας υπόσχεται μια νέα εποχή στην ιστορία του θεάτρου σκιών.

Apr 19 05:54

Lost in Interventionism

From Libya to Syria, Greece and most recently, Uganda, the arguments for foreign interventionism, be it economic, military, or humanitarian, are omnipotent. The interconnection of the world, made tangible through the interdependence of economies, proliferation of technologies and spread of cosmopolitan ideals, now declares the sacrifice of individual societies, economies and people as inevitable necessities for the coherent political, economic or moral functioning of the whole.

Apr 12 14:22

Believe's possible!

 These news come from a village in Spain...
I am not even going to include it under drugs because the use of cannabis is more about human rights than a drugs issue. (I hope the Archibishop will forgive my blasphemy with a nice six pack of harmless beer)



Source: AFP

April 11, 2012

Mar 29 00:21


Mar 25 19:39

International petition to ban cruel blood sport

Dear Friends,

Please sign this petition (it takes only a few seconds) seeking support for the upcoming Bill to ban the horribly cruel practice of live hare coursing in Ireland.
Mar 20 17:52

Resistance Builds to NATO's Threat of Permanent War and Nuclear Dominance

by: Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers
Truthout | Op-Ed

The leaders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the gently named but dangerous behemoth dominated by the United States - and history’s largest global military cohort - plan to meet in Chicago on May 20 and 21.

Mar 18 18:44


Editor's Note: The following excerpts are from an interview granted to Lourdes Alvarez of the Mexican daily, "El Dia", June 8, 1985, published in "Our Struggle Is That of Latin America and the Third World," and from a speech at the closing session of the Meeting on the Latin American and Caribbean Foreign Debt, August 3, 1985, published in a booklet.

Mar 18 14:50

L ' instinct maternel n ' existe pas

     " Plongeons plus avant dans l ' avenir . Un jour viendra , tout semble le dire , où , de progrès en progrès , l ' homme succombera  , tué par l ' excès de ce qu ' il appelle la civilisation . Trop ardent à faire le dieu , il ne peut espérer la placide longévité de la bête . "

                       J.H. Fabre ( 1823 - 1915 )

Mar 02 18:02

In Cyprus ~ Lale Kemal Visits from Turkey

Impressions of Turkish journalist

by Lale Kemal,

Lale Kemal writes a daily column in Zaman newspaper, and is also the Ankara bureau chief for the Taraf newspaper. Please click on the photos to see them enlarged.

Feb 29 13:18

Στα αγρέλλια με τις κοπέλλες από το Βιετνάμ

Τη Κυριακήν επήα στα αγρέλλια στην περιοχή του Ασκά.

Τα αγρέλλια με τα αυκά αρέκουν μου πολλά. Πρόσφατα μάλιστα έμαθα τζιαι για άλλες συνταγές που περιλαμβάνουν ντομάτες αλλά τούτον είναι μια άλλη ιστορία.

Feb 26 02:57


{Please See the comment from the Editorial Collective, below}

As funny as it is watching your friend Glenn Goldman make excuses for your creepy Portland 911 group on indymedia

its not solving the problems the you help make, many of them using Glenn Goldman's ISP:

Feb 21 17:30

Εάν μιλώ τη γλώσσα μου, υπάρχω!


Μητρική γλώσσα!
Feb 21 17:28

Anadilimde konuşuyorsam, varım!

Adı ustunde: Anadil!
Feb 21 08:24

Ireland's animal protection groups seek ban on cruel "sport of live hare coursing

Appeal… Ireland’s Parliament to vote on Ban Hare Coursing Bill…

…Please ask Ireland’s Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister to support the Bill and allow a FREE VOTE!

Feb 19 18:36

Σενέρ Λεβεντ: Ισραήλ, Τουρκία, Κατοχή, ΑΚΕΛ

Αναδημοσίευση από την εφημερίδα Πολίτης.
Η τελευταία συλλαβή απουσιάζει και από το πρωταρχικό κείμενο - η αναδημοσίευση μας είναι πιστό αντίγραφο.

Δείτε και το σχετικό άρθρο:

Σιωνισμός, Γενοκτονία, Κατοχή και η Κυβέρνηση ΑΚΕΛ
Feb 01 12:59

Realities about Iran; the Empire Threatens War

Jan 17 21:04


Jan 17 20:57

L’Irak totalement détruit par l’invasion et l’occupation

Jan 17 20:47

Ο τελευταίος σαμουράι Νασουσίρο Τοτασάκι λύνει τη σιωπή του

Απολειστική συνέντευξη του Νασουσίρο Τοτασάκι στους συνεργάτες της στήλης Ζώγια και Κίττο στις 21 Αυγούστου 2007.

Από τα αρχεία της Ενδο~Μήδεια/Cyprus Indymedia:


Mon 28 May 2018


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